Was I the princess ????

helOo . peace . V^_^V

I suddenly imagined to be a daughter who married a dashing son of the king ( A little Princess ) .
WOw !! How beautiful Life is . :DDD
but .. :(((
it's wishful thingking .. hurmm .. 
I would not be able to become a princess who lived happily like Cinderella or Snow White . =P
With my face that is not too beautiful .. Can I be a Princess ?? =PP
*Jangan perasanlah*

But , I truly want to wear a beautiful gown that have a ribbon , labuci , and beautiful lace around the gown neck . hurrmmmmm .. SO BEAUTIFUL laa ..
Ohh Mummy !! I want the glass shoes like a Cinderella shoes ! 
A beautiful tiara or crown on My head . 
Dance with a handsome prince ^_^ 
Even if I , can be a great room , beautiful and packed !!! 
huh ............. No range right now , I sleep in a cramped room ='(

If i'm the princess ,, i can go anywhere ! London , Seoul , Tokyo , Paris !!!!!!!!!!! 
But , I'm not that Princess laaa !
Hehehehe .. No one if I want to dreams right ?? Hehe . Dreams to be a Princess .
Princess that live in a beautiful castle ... Muahahahaha !
Wah Wah !!! *perasan lebih kau*

If i'm the Princess  , I want to buy two lorries of Kit-Kat and want to eat a nice ice-cream in the world before go to sleep !! HAHA . i'm gonna be CRAzy right now ! Sorry ! 

But , can I ?? who knows ,, that one day ,, My dreams can be a real fantasy ! Yeay ! i'm gonna be a Princess that live in a big castle ! ~_~ hurm ?? No ! I'm not a Princess ,, I just a person who had dreams to be a Princess ! @crazy@

Wow !! this is Belle's Gown !! Luve dis <3
If i'm gonna married , I want to wear this ;P
I want dis shoes !

i trust , that one day , I wear this gown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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